I would like to join Virtual Pilots group.

I have read, fully understood and

I have read an information about VIRTUAL PILOTS GROUP on the "Why choose us?" page and

What languages can you speak?

Other languages

====================== DCS ===============================
What DCS modules do you have?

Except for Caucasus terrain, what DCS terrains do you have?

======================= Il-2 Sturmovik =======================
I have:

Planes (separately):

======================= X-plane ==============================
I have X-Plane 11
My favorite aircraft:
I have payware aircraft(s):

I have an experience in VFR flights in VATSIMI have an experience in IFR flights in VATSIMI have an experience of controller in VATSIM

I have an experience about FSEconomy

======================= Available time =======================
The time to play online (ZULU time please!)


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