1. Your age should be at least 18 y.o. Any discrimination (gender, race, nationality, ethnicity etc) is not allowed in our group.
  2. Regarding civil aviation we prefer old planes, which don’t have modern autopilot etc, for cockpit share flights and GA or helicopters for group flights (flights in formations etc).
  3. We use military aviation from the sides of the Allies of World War II. I.e. we don’t use plane planes of Nazi Germany (no discussion about it).
    Attention! We don’t use modern warplanes for imitations of combat missions or other military actions!
  4. You have to tell us at least your name and the country in where you live.
  5. Any level of experience, but you have to wish to learn. We’re really glad to see pilots with any amount of experience.
  6. Command on a rotational basis. The leader or commander will change each flight or flight day, or even during the flight (depending on the situation).
  7. You have to be able to follow orders. You must follow the orders of your commander. Please remember that our main goal is to get pleasure from flying together.



English, Russian, French

Preferred topics

Unfortunately I don’t have now a lot of time for large group as before 🙁 For this reason I’ll will not support a group. I am currently doing friendly flights individually with members… My preferred topics for virtual flight are:

  1. VFR flights – i.e. Visual navigation trainings based on real charts (VNC etc). No GPS, no any magic nav tools and calculations only with E6B
  2. Celestial navigation (in the process of studying) – It would be great to fly shared cockpit on Savoia S.55/S.55x
  3. VOR and NDB navigation – Shared cockpit flights on DC-6
  4. Low Frequency Radio Range navigation – Shared cockpit flights on Boeing 247D.
  5. Other historic flights – your initiative is welcome!
  6. Search and rescue flights – In the process of studying… CASARA may be…
  7. Gliders flight in thermals.
  8. Recreational flights as excursions to show something (where did you work, lived, visited), but it is as an addition to topics above.
  9. Do you have an idea, but you didn’t find it – let me know.

    Virtual Pilots reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account without notice.

    Virtual Pilots can change, delete or add rules at any time without notice.


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