1. “Virtual Pilots” group should be considered as a private club and the author of this site is the owner of this club (hereinafter called ‘the Group’). Your membership can be terminated without explanations.
  2. We use military aviation from the sides of the Allies of World War  II, countries of the Warsaw Pact, and  Russia, and its current allies
  3. Any age, gender and location. We are glad for people of any age. Any discrimination is not allowed.
  4. Anonymous extremists [OR Totally anonymous participants] are not welcomed. It is enough however, to know your first name and your city or town or village where you live.
  5. Any level of experience, but you have to wish to learn. We’re really glad to see pilots with any amount of experience.
  6. Command on a rotational basis. The leader or commander will change each flight or flight day, or even during the flight (depending on the situation).
  7. You have to be able to follow orders. You must follow the orders of your commander. Please remember that our main goal is to get pleasure from flying together.
  8. Comrades are waiting for you! This also means that nobody can refuse to allow you to take part in a game without appropriate reasons.



A trial period (max to one month) can be assigned to a new applicant.  In this month the applicant should should show his/her activity (flying with members, help in the developing of the Group etc.). Then all adequate persons automatically receive full membership.


  1. Please be active and show initiative. It means nobody must amuse you and create a show for you.  All members take part in the Group’s life as they can. We create missions, decide what server to use, what to do etc by ourself.
  2. Nicknames or calling names [as in calling other players insulting or demeaning names] is not allowed if they contain: a threat, any sign of discrimination, pornographic meaning, an advertisement, a political implication (including agitation, a photo of a politician), any provocation, any illusion to former squadrons or units of Nazi Germany;
  3. Harassment. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated;
  4. Adult or Illegal content. No posting or re-posting of copyrighted materials (or links to them) or other illegal content is allowed. No profanity or pornography is allowed;
  5. Any copying from this site or from our discord channels is not allowed without our agreement;
  6. You cannot give your account, login or password to other person.


After three months or more a non-active member can be moved to an “inactive group” or “reservе group”, or even his/her membership can be terminated without warning.

Before joining us, please be sure that you have read “Why Choose Us” page.
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