A-20B Bostons: long-range bombing raid

Moros and I (Alex) performed a long-range bombing raid deep in enemy territory.

We took off from Krasnodar-1 airfield and attacked enemy depots near Vyshesteblievskaya town. Bombs were dropped from ~3500 meters (horizontal flight).

About half-way we were covered by a Spitfire, then he headed toward Anapa city.

By bombs 5 enemy depots and one 37 Flak were fully destroyed. Two hangars were damaged.

  • Time of flight: 1 h 5 min.
  • Distance: 310 km

2 thoughts on “A-20B Bostons: long-range bombing raid”

  1. Unfortunately that I missed the target. It was the firs experience of bombing from horizontal flight. (Translated by Alex).
    Жаль не очень то попал тогда,первые опыты бомбометания с прицела.

  2. C’mon Moros! It was the first flight on A-20B… I even didn’t have any idea how to use mixture! 🙂

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