A day in the life

A day in the life

A mission of combined air and ground forces by the Virtual Pilots

Video and audio produced by: @zedd

Music: excerpts from Shostakovich Symphony nr. 5

Many thanks to our pilot mates @Alex, @board046 and @andy1966 for manning our air and ground assets!

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  1. Board_046

    Oskar for that…
    Seriously. I got a lot of pleasure waching this film! It’s pity the film is too short…

  2. andy1966

    Wow Zed, I must say Well done! the music is spot on! Thank you.

    1. andy1966

      that was a wonderful mission.

  3. Alex

    It is really cool! Like a short film with a storyline 🙂
    No doubts that you’re a professional in music. Hope we will see your others films again.

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