1. Hi Dima! I must try the new missions, my time has been very short lately, I really haven’t had much flight time, I am still here, I hope I am still welcome..

  2. Hi, Andy.
    This peculiar post is about russian book — MILITARY AVIATION MANAGING. )))
    Still, all of us are in the same position — we do not have much time… But we do not forget about the sky.
    Zigmund now is preparing an old-new mission. For =VP= and =СВГ= joint flight.
    Last time we tried and here is the result of it:
    But — this is all in russian. (I suggest you to learn russian — you can change your job for a spy! And spies, i hear, can trevel a lot, can fly everything what flies and are paid much better!))))))))
    If you feel OK we can try to help you to learn some russian Radio phraseology to take part in this «party»
    What do you think?

  3. Hi Dima, I can try to learn some Russia language, we had worked on that before. I enjoyed the times we flew together, and learned a lot from you LOL however I am to old to play as James Bond, but the Idea is tempting…. I will try very hard to be there Saturday or let me know when to be there. I am -4Z time.

  4. Gosh… This Saturday i’ll be busy, i’m afraid…
    I do remember your Zulu minus, but i became more squeezed by Its Magesty Time…
    Say your usual spare time (mention — yours or zulu) and we discuss.

  5. when I am sure, I will post in «let’s fly» it is looking like this weekend wont work for me either, except for a minute here and there.

  6. OK. I’ll be waiting your post. usually i check the site twice a day — early in the morning (in my case — moUrning) and some 14 zulu.

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