Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

It was received a request for a rescue operation. For the operation two Mi-8 was prepared.

The rescue group should landed in the mountains on high altitude. There was our ground group and the rescue group should took couple persons (details weren’t provided).

The operation was supported from AWACS.

After short preparing our rescue group took heading to the rescue area.

Mi-8s began slowly gain the altitude.

Meanwhile one of car of our ground group started to roll downhill without any control with high speed.

Soldiers manually held another car …

… and it rested on the top of the mountain.

Several minutes later our AWACS detected two groups of enemy helicopters. They flew toward our ground group.

It was make a decision to send one Mig-21 to intercept these enemy helicopters.

The Mig-21 took 4 air to air missiles R-60

One enemy helicopter was destroyed

Then Mig-21’s engine suddenly stopped. The pilot (me 🙂 ) tried to start it in the air but without any success.

The rescue team decided to take Mig-21 pilot at the first.

They changed their course.

They started descending. Ejected pilot over there between two rivers.

After descending rescue helicopters started searching ejected pilot on low altitude.

One helicopter passed very close to the Mig-21 pilot.

One helicopter found the Mig-21 pilot. But during approaching Mi-8 crashed.

Second helicopter crashed due to technical problems*

Mi-8’s pilots are left but gunner refused to leave and stayed in the helicopter to guard it. He is very brave, isn’t it?

The Mig-21 pilot was frustrated after this two crashes of the rescue team.

He went to search help from local people.

Flight analysis showed that Mig-21 was out of the fuel!

Parameters of the Mig-21 before crashing.

Had Mig-21 enough fuel at the start – an investigation in the process… Additionally a commission investigate – had the Mig-21 pilot and helicopter’s pilot enough experience for such flight… 😉

* – DCS just freezed… 🙁

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