DCS World: our flight for basic skills training on ka-50

Lately I have been doing some flying with Dima in Ka-50, and would like to thank him for helping me with my helicopter skills. He is a very skilled pilot. Even with all the control problems, DCS is having at the moment, and my new TrackIR that I am still learning to use, I still had a blast! Real life procedures in a helicopter are very challenging, but rewarding when you learn something new. He showed me how to taxi and vertical takeoff, rolling take off, hover, cruise and exercises, the correct way.

basic skills training on ka-50

6 thoughts on “DCS World: our flight for basic skills training on ka-50”

  1. Thank you Andy for the good words. It was a pleasure for me too. I am ready to continue our training.
    Helicopters are much more difficult to manage then even a space shuttle. So I feel some challenge to learn how to tame this obstinate aircraft.
    … and one more thing – I’m not so skilled a pilot. I just fly a little bit longer then you do. )))

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