DCS WW2 Dogfight: Drama in five actions

For the first time, two pairs from our international group took part in the DCS WW2 dogfight on Burning Skies server.

The two pairs included different types of aircraft: Supermarine Spitfire and P-51 Mustang.

The list of pilots who took part in this event was as follows:

  • Alex, Canada – Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk. IX
  • MadMan, Germany – Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk. IX
  • Andy1966, USA – P-51D Mustang
  • Red_october, Russia – P-51D Mustang

We used English for general communication, although Russian and German also were used.

In spite of only one Me-109 was shot down, and couple Me-109 and FW-190 damaged, I received oceans of pleasure from this event! My whole system was high on endorphins after this online combat mission! Yes, we reached our main goal – “enjoying flying together“, but we can improve our tactic and our interaction to get more fun. Yes, indeed?

I have created a combined video (tacview and in cockpit view). Tacview helps to give detailed information about fights, and in-cockpit view show it is not easy to understand what is happening around you. Aso there is a timestamp in the upper left corner for reference.

dcs ww2 dogfight

Let’s watch a video about five situations of that event and then discuss our perfomance.

So, please post comments below this article on how and when we might have improved our mission outcome (please use exact time to refering).

What we can improve? How do we need to change in our tactics? How we can became better?

9 thoughts on “DCS WW2 Dogfight: Drama in five actions”

  1. the start of the spirfire (into) was hillarious! happened to me way too often 😀

    it seems we have a problem in sticking togehter and spotting real enemies
    not directly a problem of ourselves, it is a symptom of dcs – since spotting is pretty hard

    so from my view we should try to stick closer together and work as wing
    one lead, one wing – always in pairs, so nobody is left alone being chased by enemies

  2. Klunk…..oh no….excellent dead stick!…these missions made up for a lot of frustration they were as Alex put it “an ocean of fun”

  3. Act 1.:
    We stood our ground quite good during Act 1, but were outnumbered most of the times and against two of the best WW2-Pilots DCS has to offer. Maybe, we could have went for a higher altitude right away, as that seemed to have costed us some energy in the beginning. Red October did really well towards the end (around Minute 6). Maybe some training in gunning?
    Personally, i had problems we tracking the enemy fighters, esp. against ground-clutter. Also, my ariel gunning skills are horrible and i`m suprissed, that i actually hit that plane.

    Act 2.:
    In the first few seconds of Act 2, right after the Tailslide, you can see me banking right, away from the enemy. Really bad decision on my side, but again; i lost visual on him.
    At the end, i get kiled because the leading 109 set me up for his buddy on my high six. 1) I should have never entered the fight as directly as i did and should have waited for at least one more plane to support me. If i had to engage, i should have tried to seperate one from the group and get him to join a turning fight, which is where the Spit is good. 2) This is the third or fouth time, that i got killed by this setup. Of course i can`t catch up with german fighters in a straight line.. pretty bad fighting on my side.

    Act 3.:
    Where did Red October broke of to? He maybe should have sticked with Alex, as he was a sitting duck there, flying straight with noone checking his six. The german fighter used his altitude in excange for energy very well, to get in Alex`s six. Suprised, that Saburo didn`t finish the job.
    I was too ocupied with forming up on Andy, which was really stupid by me.

    Act 4.:
    That wreck goes on lacking communication. Should have given more callouts and maybe breaking directions.

    Act 5:
    Maybe, again, should have went for a higher altitude in the beginning, as german fighters have such an easy time outclimbing blufor.
    The Blue-on-blue incident could have been avoided by more communication. But i don`t know, what Alex said in the moment.
    The german pilot in this act did quite well against three blue fighters. Instead of going into the fight, he boom-and-zoomes like crazy and makes use of the confusion within our flight.

    Conclusion/what i personally think we could do better/improve:
    When it comes to flying the planes itself, everybody does know, what he`s doing. Didn`t look like anyone went into a unwanted stall or such.
    Gunning-skills need some improving, at least for me. Coming with that, is also patience in a fight. Rather than making the long shots stick, we should wait and get closer. Espeacily the Spitfires are pretty tricky in turning fights.
    We should gain more altitude at the beginning. The german fighters always seemed to have the drop on us even during first contact. Can`t do much then again, when they climb out mid fight.
    Maybe, we also should concentrate less on flying in formation and rather say something like “we are flying to position XYZ and check for fighters there”.
    More communication. We should help us out as good as possible. Telling to check six, if we are turning + direction and simple altitude.

  4. I should have stayed on Madman’s wing…..instead of going after the bandit
    I really like this song

  5. Hi,
    At the first I can sign under each word that @madman said.
    The intro – I think I decreased RPM very charp.
    Act 1. At the beginning we didn’t wait Redoctober in particular place and went for fighting. Instead of two pairs we had 3 plane in big/ front formation which is not enough mobile. In such group nobody sure who he need wathing and cover. It is difficult (+ not effective) to watch constantly 2 yours friends. It’s more easy to watch your own six and six of only one additional person (your leader or wingman).
    Then Andy regrouped and this put more confusing who will cover/watch him and vice versa.
    01:51 our altutude wasn’t enough to fighting.
    02:20 our big formation is totaly brocken and we confising who will cover who etc.
    02:41 @andy1966 left dog fight and didn’t check his six + nobody warned him.
    I didn’t see madman had six and didn’t warned him + he didn’t check it.
    As a consequence I left alone against 2 enemies. redoctober came but he couldn’t know where I am etc.
    05:40 there were good positions for gunning, but… Actually, as tacviw analysis showed MadMan hit a lot of enemies (!) but it wasn’t enough to shoot them down.
    Act 2. 07:30. madman fight agaist 3 enimies! They attacked him constanly , non-stop from different sides. Survival rate in such situation is near 0. You cannot watch your 6 every sec!
    Act 3. As you see (in cockpit view) I was relaxed and didn’t check my six long time! + redoctober didn’t check it either.
    10:30 Andy1966 and @madman are in a formation that is not best for cover/watching each other. They can be killed in this close formation by one single attack.
    After I was attacked I confused who is who and where is the enemy attacked me.
    Act 4. @madman warned me about a threats long enough time before I was shooted down. I ignored him…
    Act 5. We didn’t have an idea (and not have it yet) about covering our grouund attack planes. There was only one (experienced ) enemy I totally confused where he is and attacked @Andy1966! Meanwhile the enemy received wonderful position to attack @Redoctober. + @redoctober didn’t check his six.
    According @madman and my analysis we should:
    1. Check, check and check your “personal” six like every 15-20 sec!
    2. If you are not not sure do you need check your six or not -> go to point no 1. Remember – survival rate directly depends on checking your six!
    3. We ALL need elementary gunnery practice. I prepared an interesting instructions for Spitfire and will publish it soon. But I have not idea about Mustang – any help is appreciated.
    4. Before entering any dogfighting we (a leader) must consider about altitude. Sometimes it’s not easy to deal with altitude due German fighters can gain alt much easer.
    5. Communication and interaction! Everyone must know where his leader or wingman is. You are not sure when is your friend? Ask, assign a meet point especially if you have a time.
    7. Flying by pairs in such formation that you can watch your friend’s six and have optimal distanse to keep in touch.

    P.s. Andy1966 and me already used this experience in fight on July 14. Results: 5 enemies are downed! Our loses 2 from enemy fire. I will publish a nice video later.

  6. I can do the Mustang gunnery … I was thinking of doing a Mustang flight school topic …

    1. Great idea to create a post about Mustang gunnery! It would be great if you will write an article like this. I’ll give you all necessary rights and don’t worry about formatting text, pics – I will help also. But I don’t have any materials about Mustang gunnery. I have RAF instruction for Spitfire only and will create Spitfire gunnery publication.
      Do you have materials regarding Mustang gunnery?

      Then I think we need to create a post about Normandy navigation.

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