Flight day – January 30

Kapt The Head and I flew on the Wing of Liberty server on 30 January. On the server it was about 60 pilots and hat flight day was pretty interesting.

Free hunt on Migs

Kap the Head and I flew Mig-3.

We found a Ju-88 bomber on low altitude.

The Head the first attacked the bomber.

Then I attacked it – the attack and hits in the cockpit area.

Bomber’s gunners tried to resist

By the way I don’t know why enemies chose such paint scheme – we detected the bomber from far on the dark forest background.

Only one gunner was alive…

He bailed out but it was late…

Yak-1b: free hunt

There were two of us…

And there are two enemies. They flew in tight and perfect formation! We approached from the bottom.

They detected us but it was late for them.

The first enemy bailed out.

And new there is Fw-190’s turn…

Yak-1b it is a really serious opponent!

The Fw-90 had hits but he escaped.

Defend of our ground object

Junkers with a cover of 4 Messers (we didn’t detect them or they were called later) attacked our ground object.

After 23mm cannon hit Ju-87 tried to make vigorous turning but his wing got broken. It means it was hit on the wing spar (longeron).

An attack run for second Ju-87.

Hits on the second Junkers… And he tried to run away….

But he crashed later

Meanwhile, after we preventd effective attacking our ground forces, those 4 Me-109 woken up.They started to attack me.

Kap The Head covered me and they attacked him..

I tried to do a lot of maneuvers but with Mig-3 it is difficult…

At the end they shot down both of us.


It was shot down 3 enemy bombers: 2 – Ю-87, 1 – Ю-88. One Ме-109 was shot down and one Fw-190 was damaged.

Our loss: 2 Mig-3. There is another flight on Il-2 but we crashed during the attacking! It means we have to practice more on Il-2.

Our cause is just!

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