Happy Birthday Andy!

I know that you don’t have a TrakIR or VR and you use joystick to change view. For this reason I built the TrackIR for you and decided to bring the present from our group by myself – please watch a video below 🙂

We wish you all the best!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Andy!”

  1. Wow.
    Thank you All. Special thank you to Alex. First, Thank You All for Your friendship. I really enjoy my flight time with all of you. I only wish we had more time. I have always wanted a head tracker, and the fact Alex took the effort to actually make me one is really special to me. thank you, and the video is awesome! I had to laugh when you said it took me a long time to get here!

    Thank you ALL, this birthday was really boring, until now!

    1. You will laugh more if you know how many times I tried to approach the runway and landed 🙂

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