How to fly a passenger on X-plane 11

Recently we discussed using civil aviation in our community. At the first, I am considering X-Plane because we can install photo scenery of any place for VFR flights. Another attractive thing is flying by a crew in X-Plane 11. Frankly speaking, I didn’t believe that it can be realized and started to search how to do it…

I found an addon for X-Plane which called SmartCopilot. Then Andy and I decided to try it and we downloaded a demo version of this program. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand well describing on the addon’s site about settings. At the first we found that we need to put a configuration file into an aircraft folder, then we took different aircraft, then the addon “told” that we placed our aircraft in different places, then something about time, and then it said we have different versions of X-Plane. I updated my sim and we tried again without success because I wrongly detected my IP… However, after 2 days we forced it to work! 🙂

fly a passenger on X-plane 11

The addon connects two players and placed them in one cockpit. Both pilots see the same parameters of tools (speed, alt etc). The demo differs from full version that in the demo you cannot give control to another player without reconnection. In full version one pilot controls aircraft but he can give control to another player on the way just by pressing “control”.

For testing, we choose two engine default X-plane aircraft – Baron 58. We tested the addon in an area where Andy lives. In the first flight I had control. Then I landed and we reconnected – Andy took the control and he tried to show me his home…. It was really great! Watch a video below.

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  1. This was very much fun!! It really is realistic! when we took off, it was getting dark, but once I found the hi-way13, it was realistic enough that I could recognize where I was at. As a change, and as training tool, it is excellent. It was really fun flying in the same A/C. and It was WINDY! I should have did a go-around… the default terrain is well done to the point of impressiveness, I can not imagine with Google maps terrain bits installed. also it would seem weapons are installed, as there is an “enable weapons” button, and a button to set the enemy skill too? all in all it was fun.

  2. Yes, it was wonderful! Just imagine that we can fly over all the world like this! +we can use Vatsim or Ivao for much more immersion.
    I am not sure about what training you’re talking to Andy. Maybe as a training tool before real flights… 🙂

    Do you know that X-plane is officially FAA-certified (Federal Aviation Administration, USA) for training purposes? Look here: Main difference between “normal X-Plane” we use and “professional X-Plane” mostly in hardware:
    FAA recommends X-Plane (but not FSX) for training different procedures from Airport procedures to safety: (see page 25)

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