Mumble vs discord

Mumble vs discord vs teamspeak

Topic Mumble vs Discord vs Teamspeak is still actual despite it was thought Discord will replace all old apps. Teamspeak was released in 2001 then Mumble was released in 2005 and Discord was released 10 years later. It means that Discord is a relatively new application which has a lot of modern technology. Someone thinks Discord is the best application in its category…

1. false presentation phenomena
2. Why to use mumble but not more popular TS
3. Mumble has better functions for channels
4. Mumble is absolutely free
5. Mumble is much more clear
6. Resources
7. Conflicts
8. Disaster in VR
9. P.S.

But I found that Discord in some way is bad for a community development. After using Discord about 10 months we decided to refuse to use this program. Lets talk why our group considered to use Mumble.

1. Discord has famous and annoying “false presentation phenomena

If you see that someone is online in Discord – it ONLY means that a person is online in Discord system. The person may be present on your current server or can be somewhere else (on others discord servers).  Even the person who “is online on your server” can ignore messages on your server. He/she can turn off “notifications” and messages on your site will not bother him/her anymore. But, if you will see someone in our Mumble = this person 100% “with us”.

mumble vs discord

2. Why to use mumble but not more popular TeamSpeak

Teamspeak is very good program! Nearly all leading servers use TS. When we fly on servers we can use TWO voice program:
a) TS for communicating to server’s community (PPT activation only)
b) Mumble for non-stop communication between us (voice activation is OK).

mumble vs teamspeak
During the flight on Cold War Server I use Mumble for communication inside my group and at the same time have communication with server’s TS. Or you can use Mumble for communication inside of your group/crew and use SRS to communicate with other pilots or GCI.

3. Mumble has better functions for channels:

a) link to a channel – we can separate in different channels and someone can connect between channels to communicate between groups
b) whisper function – PPT will cause to speak to programmed channels or even a user in contrast of TS, you can create a connection very easy. It can be used between leaders of pairs or between different groups/pairs and GCI.
In TeamSpeak you can do the same but you have to “monkey around” to do it! 🙂

teamspeak vs mumble
You can see here that each group has internal communication and leaders can communicate with each other separately (additionnaly). The same principle can use for coordinate groups in different language – as you see here leaders will communicate in English and each group can use different language (inside).

4. Mumble is absolutely free but TeamSpeak not

Mumble is absolutely free (in contrast of TS) and open source software = no need to buy a license. It can be also used on our created server.

5. Sound in mumble is much more clear than in Discord

Mumble and Discord have the same voice protocols, but we found that Mumble is much more clear.

6. Resources

Mumble takes less resources than Discord or TS

7. Conflicts

We had previously some conflicts between Discord and DCS World, but we didn’t see it in Mumble.

8. Disaster in VR

If you use VR, messages in Discord can appear right in front of you – believe me it really annoying!

The official Mumble site is HERE (you can find there the download link to the last stable version).


People raised some interesting questions about Discord like this:

….it solves all of the problems with Skype, TeamSpeak3, Ventrilo and is very easy to use while being completely free. However there are some things I would like to ask regarding Discord
If it is completely free, why not make it open-source?
Why not integrate full encryption? I don’t see any valid reason not to. Mumble forces encryption and still manages to have high quality and low resource usage.
Why not release an application that allows people to self-host their own Discord servers? ….

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More details you can find HERE

4 thoughts on “Mumble vs discord vs teamspeak”

  1. hello all, on the topic of TS3 vs. Mumble vs. Discord, I have no really strong opinion either way. As far as voice quality goes, in my opinion, TS3 and Mumble have the best. discord is lacking in that area. ease of use favors discord, but discord is a computer resource hog. When I fly with the squad, I disconnect discord and use Mumble for comms. the only thing I do really like about discord, is that it has a good chat setup that doesn’t erase anything until you do.

    That all being said, I do have a TeamSpeak server! I have had it since before I started using DCS about 4 years ago. The only thing is, I am not very skilled in its use. Alex and I were on it last night, and and it still works. I offer to let the VPs use it as a squad server. I have been trying to find out how top change the server name, and to add administrators. it is a leftover from my Aces High days with ET and the devil dogs, And I had a feeling it would get used again so I kept it. at the moment the address is
    let me know what everyone thinks, If we want to use it I will try to change the server name to our squad.

    1. I agree with you Andy, in spite Mumble and TeamSpeak has similar quality, TS is more popular software. It means for new people will no need to install additional software because near all players who take part in multiplayer have TS.
      I found that we can use TS for our group and at the same time connect to other server and whisper function works perfectly too.
      P.S. We already changed the structure of your TS and tested it yesterday (Dec 2, 2018).

  2. Алекс, тут такая штука…
    Короче, я на сайте найти адрес ТС не смог. (Это плохо для ньюкамеров). По поиску ТС тоже не смог. Если он и находится, то сам сервак под паролем.
    Надо будет выложить на сайте. И да, я сам тоже пока подключиться не могу, ибо тупо не нашёл куда…

    1. Хорошо, выложу где-нибудь в более легком доступе (что-то типа информации итп), сейчас адрес можно найти ТУТ. + В этой статье добавлю ссылку на “продолжение”.
      По поводу пароля, во время сегодняшнего полета, к нам заявлялся какой-то товарищ и отвлекал. Надо будет или весь ТС под пароль ставить или оставлять без пароля только канал Welcome.

      P.S. Провожу реструктуризацию сайта, это занимает много времени, которого и так мало. Поэтому некоторые статьи на русском сейчас недоступны (ничего не удалено!) скоро их влючу (иначе технически невозможно).

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