Two UH-1s were downed

Operation “Mongoose”

Two UH-1s were downed by our Air Forces in the operation “Mongoose” on April 25.

We just been informed of details of the “Mongoose” operation which took place on April 25. Unnamed sources provided details of preparation for landing an assault force against our troops.

At 14:55, a pair of Mig-21 took off from Mineralnye Vody for combat air patrol in the estimated area.

At 15:05 our fighters were intercepted by enemies. One of our Mig-21 crashed in  dogfight maneuver, and pilot Alex is killed.

Another Mig-21 (LT Do-Rag) arrived for reinforcement. dFlow continued the flight to the estimated area of enemy intrusion.

At 15:10 two enemy UH-1s were detected in the estimated area and Mig-21 (dFlow) received an order to intercept and eliminate the targets.

dFlow was vectored by CGI and at 15:13 he visually detected the group target.

Two UH-1s were downed by two R-60 and they crashed at 15:14, 5 km of the East of Udobnaya town.

Two UH-1s were downed

Despite the severity of the wreckage at the site of the the UH-1s 16 bodies were found; Blue forces denied losses.


This is not real news. This event was online on ACG Cold War Server.

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