WWII Aviation Books

WWII Aviation Books from Andy

I received books from @andy1966!

Andy sent me two journals “Flight Journal” and three books:

  • Sims, Edward H., American aces in great fighter battles of World War II. Foreword by Nathan F. Twining. New York, Harper. [1958] 238 p.
  • Sims, Edward H., Greatest fighter missions of the top Navy and Marine aces of World War II. Foreword by Arleigh Burke. [1st ed.] New York, Harper [1962] 250 p.
  • Caidin, Martin, Air force; a pictorial history of American airpower, by Martin Caidin, in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force. New York, Rinehart [1957] 232 p.

We had a research project in DCS World simulator. The project was devided in two parts:
1st – collecting information online about tactic, parameters and behavior of virtual pilots who flied online.
2nd – collect the same info from books and compare them.

In spite of it is quite old books, they consist a lot of detailed descriptions about missions during WWII. So we planned to use these books (with many others) in the research project.

Unfortunately, I canceled this project because I found that DCS World has a lot of critical disadvantages concerning WWII aviation. I would say – DCS World just incompetent simulator for WWII aviation at least at the present time.

Anyway, we can use these books in the future in Il-2 Sturmovik (Battle of Bodenplatte) or in DCS (if they will resolve critical problems there) to create missions, research etc.

Thank you very much Andy for the books!

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