YourControls, программа для полета экипажем в MSFS 2020 обновлена до 2.7.0

Объявился Sequal32, «ведущий или основной» автор yourcontrols. Это программа, которую мы используем для полетов экипажем в MSFS 2020. И сразу вышло обновление 2.7.0.

Тут весь «праздник» даже не из-за самого обновления. Дело в том, что многие думали, что Sequal32 забросил проект. Не смотря на то, что это бесплатная программа с открытым кодом, никто не взялся продолжать обновления не смотря на долгую отсутствие разработчика. И еще на основной странице youcontrol только он может публиковать обновления.
Само обновление включает в себя профили на различные самолеты (у нас они уже есть т.к. мы устанавливали бету).
Отдельно хотелось бы подчеркнуть, что остановили или пытаются исправить утечку памяти:
Performance degradation with community module on solo flights longer than 2 hours.

Также нам встречался эти баги, пишут, что исправили:

  • All autopilot and radio button/knob desync on aircraft utilizing legacy simvars.
  • NAV/ADF volume knobs jumping back and forth.
  • ADF frequency not always swapping.

Весь список обновлений:

Program Fixes

  • Performance degradation with community module on solo flights longer than 2 hours.
  • H-event duplication after ending and making new server with someone previously connected.
  • An issue preventing FlyByWire A32NX compatiblity with Cloud Host.
  • An issue with definitions not being received by clients through Cloud Host.
  • Attempted to fix an issue which prevented those behind CGN (carrier grade NATs) to connect via Cloud Host.
  • Systems on LAN can now connect through Cloud P2P.
  • Added message for when cloud hoster connection is lost. First client in list becomes new hoster.
  • Added hide clickability for IP addresses and session code.
  • Added IPv6 support for Cloud P2P and Cloud Host.
  • Hosting via the Direct method will now listen on both IPv6 and IPv4 addreses
  • Current session ID moved to the Server tab.

Профили самолетов

  • Added A32NX Stable by FlyByWire (v0.8.1).
  • Added Bell 47G by FlyInside (v1.71).
  • Added Boeing 247D by Wing42 (v1.0.1).
  • Added C140 by Aeroplane Heaven (v1.4.0a).
  • Added C170B by Carenado (v1.3.0).
  • Added C208B EX Improvement mod by Magraina (v2203.2.2).
  • Added C310R by Milviz (1.0.0).
  • Added C414AW Chancellor by Flysimware (v2.7.0).
  • Added Concorde by DC Designs (v1.0.4).
  • Added DHC6 Twin Otter by Aerosoft (v1.0.6.0).
  • Added Electra-10A by Aeroplane Heaven (v1.33.7).
  • Added FreedomFox & Fox2 (KitFox STi) by Parallel 42 (v1.0.0).
  • Added G115 Tutor T.1 by IRIS Simulations (v2.3.7).
  • Added H125 by RotorSimPilot (v1.3.9).
  • Added J160/J170 Jabiru by IRIS Simulations (v1.5.6).
  • Added JRF-6B Goose by Big Radials (v1.0.4).
  • Added Kodiak 100 by SimWorks Studios (v1.2.2).
  • Added PA-28 Warrior II by JustFlight (v0.3.5).
  • Added PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV by JustFlight (v0.5.5).
  • Added PC-6 Turbo Porter by Milviz (v1.0.9).
  • Added RV-14 & 14A by SimWorks Studios (v1.2.0).
  • Added RV-7 & 7A mod by Deejing (v1.0.8).
  • Added Stream by LightSim (v1.3).
  • Added TF-104G Starfighter by SimSkunkWorks (v3.1.2).
  • Added basic support for GNS530 by PMS50 (v1.0.50).
  • Added basic support for GTN750 by PMS50 (v2.1.41).
  • Added basic support for GTNXi 750 by TDS Sim Software (v1.0.1.8).
  • Added basic support for G1000 NXi by Working Title (v1.0.1).
  • Updated ASOBO aircraft for Sim Update 9 (v1.25.7.0).
  • Updated Carenado M20R to v1.5.1.
  • Updated Carenado Seneca V to v1.4.0.
  • Updated FlyByWire A32NX to May 18, 2022.
    • EFB not updated.
  • Updated Headwind A330-900 to v0.200.
  • Updated HypePerformanceGroup H135 to v1.4.5.
  • Updated JustFlight Arrow III to v0.10.5.
  • Updated Mrtommymxr C172 to v0.3.
  • Updated Mrtommymxr DA62X to v0.7.
  • Updated Mrtommymxr DA40NGX to v0.8.6.
  • Updated RotorSimPilot R44 to v1.2.8.
  • Updated SaltySimulations 747 to v0.5.1.
  • Updated Working Title CJ4 to v0.12.13.
  • Removed Aerosoft CRJ (being re-evaluated).
  • Removed Frett G36 (deprecated).
  • Removed PMDG DC-6 (being re-created).

General Fixes

  • All autopilot and radio button/knob desync on aircraft utilizing legacy simvars.
  • Avionics master switches on all aircraft experiencing intermittent issues.
  • Master caution and warning acknowledge events since Sim Update 7.
  • Autopilot automatically leveling off when using V/S and FLC.
  • Inaccurate G1000 COM/NAV volume level percentage.
  • NAV/ADF volume knobs jumping back and forth.
  • ADF frequency not always swapping.
  • Parking brake event name spelling error.
  • Attitude indicator bar calibration.
  • Annunciator test light switch.
  • Engine bleed air toggle event.
  • External power toggle event.
  • Propeller condition lever.
  • Added pushback tug support.

Aircraft Fixes

  • Asobo 747: ATC ground services.
  • Asobo 787: ATC ground services.
  • Asobo A320neo: ATC ground services.
  • Asobo A320neo: WX brightness knob.
  • Asobo C172: Kohlsman index for G1000 PFD.
  • Asobo C208: External power BUS and STBY alternator.
  • Asobo Cap10: Missing external lights.
  • Asobo Cap10: Aerobatic trim flap switch.
  • Asobo CJ4: ATC ground services.
  • Asobo CJ4: Pulse light pushbutton.
  • Asobo KingAir: Added 3rd interior cabin light.
  • Asobo Longitude: ATC ground services.
  • Asobo Longitude: SVT terrain toggle desync.
  • Asobo Porter: Profile not executing.
  • Asobo Porter: Support for non-G950 variant.
  • Asobo Porter: Master battery and avionics switches.
  • Asobo Porter: Landing lights.
  • Asobo SW121: Missing panel potentiometer.
  • Asobo TBM930: SVT terrain toggle desync.
  • A32NX: AP1 to AP2 toggle with a temporary workaround.
  • A32NX: Autobrake level setting (#7067).
  • A32NX: A/THR turning off and back on.
  • A32NX: Corrected 16K value for flap handle.
  • A32NX: Gear lever for new hydraulic system (#6893).
  • A32NX: Ground services including exit and cargo doors (#7229).
  • A32NX: LS pushbutton desync.
  • A32NX: Mach airspeed knob.
  • Carenado M20R: Interior and exterior lights.
  • Carenado Seneca V: Added TDS GTN support.
  • Headwind A339: ATC ground services.
  • HPG H135: Barometer desync with MFD knobs.
  • HPG H135: Excessive data spam while in hover mode.
  • HPG H135: Tablet autopilot button desync.
  • RSP H125: Added TDS GTN support.
  • RSP R44: Added TDS GTN support.
  • Salty 747: ATC ground services.
  • Salty 747: Flight director switches.
  • Salty 747: Sync of LNAV/VNAV modes.
  • Working Title CJ4: Vertical pitch reference indicator.

Список новых проблем 🙂

  • B-events/variables: This is a new system introduced by Asobo with Sim Update 5. All switches and levers now using «B:» no longer visually move but any associated «A:» or «L:» secondary vars will still sync, causing proper effect. This is because «B:» is not settable through SimConnect. Asobo currently shows no intent on fixing this.
  • Touchscreen interaction on 3rd-party avionics packages currently does not sync. This is a 3rd-party WASM limitation. Full support for such packages may or may not be possible.
  • JustFlight PA-28 Bundle: Avionics power trouble may occur during cold start if GPS type on tablet are not the same for all connected. Each person should cycle type before powering.
  • Milviz C310R: Some actions on tablet only sync once everyone connected has tablet visible.
  • FlyByWire current fuel state unsyncable.

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