Long before the Elbe had its day, in Siberia there was Alaska – Siberia air bridge of the “second front” which crossed the Pole of Cold. This route was used to ferry American aircraft for the Lend-Lease… (translated from Russian)

Valeriy Yaroslavtsev
The sky without borders

I offer a flight along the ALSIB in honor of Victory day


We can make crewed flights or/and use several planes in loose formation. Crewed flight is more complicated with regard to software but has a lot of advantages. We can use the Vatsim network and our flight will be more serious because we would follow IFR rules. Also we can find other people in Vatsim who could join us.

B. Pilot’s Conduct


9. Two or more pilots are permitted to fly in formation. If, for any reason, air traffic control instructs pilots to separate, the pilot(s) must immediately comply with the request or log off of VATSIM

Vatsim: Code of Conduct

Each pilot can participate in the whole ALSIB path or in one part of it.


Fairbanks -> Nom -> Uelkal (or Anadyr) -> Markovo-> Seymchan-> Berelech-> Yakutsk -> Kirensk -> Krasnoyarsk

What we can do on the flight?

Actually, flights are too long – up to 4 hours! For this reason we can consider these flights as meetings online. We can tell stories about our grand-parents who took parts in WWII or talk about aviation. We can also sing old WWII songs about aviation (I am not joking)

alsib x-plane 11


X-Plane 11

Usual price – 59.99 USD (click), but there is a discount or much lower price for several countries in Steam. You can also download a demo and test it works on your computer.


Free model DC-3 is here (click)

Payware model DC-3 (click) – 26.95 USD
This differs from the free model in its higher quality. Also using the payware model is very close to the original DC-3, so according to the developer you can read the real manual to operate this model in X-Plane.

There is payware B-25 also (click) – 25.95 US

A plugin for shared cockpit

Smart CoPilot (click) – 19.95 Euro /1 license, 30 for two, 40 for three etc.

It is a relatively stable plugin and in most cases you don’t need “monkey around” to open and forward ports etc. We can use it for free but only one person will control the plane, any other person would be a passenger.


Study how to operate DC-3:

  • Engine start procedure
  • Take off and landing procedures, different regimes of the flight such as climbing (rpm, how to save fuel etc)
  • Navigation equipment (we can’t fly without it)
  • Radio (in Vatsim it is obligatory)
  • Transponder (must be in Vatsim)
  • Autopilot (it would be difficult without due to the length of flights).
  • GPS. X-Plane has a model of the Earth’s surface and has simulation of real weather – it is to easy to get lost…

In X-Plane 11

Each airport should be checked (does it exist, are there beacons etc.)


Can we take a pause/break and resume the flight? This question is mostly about using Smart CoPilot (Vatsim allows it).

Flight plan

UPDATED 21.04.2019

I found an appropriate program for flight planning: Little Navmap. There are a lot of sites for online flight planning – why Little Navmap? At the first we will use small airfields like Seymchan which is not registered in the most of international lists of airports. So you can not put in the flight plane because the airport is not exist in most bases. Second, X-plane has not it by default (you need to install it additionally) as many beacons etc. Little Navmap uses X-Plane database (airfields, NDBs, VORs) so we will be sure that our flight plan is based on what we have in the X-Plane. Little Navmap is fully free.

I thought that we can use NDBs only, like during WWII… but I found that there are not a lot of NDBs! Now there are waypoints for GPS. I.e. modern planes mostly use GPS for navigation. I am not sure does X-plane has not NDBs or they were removed for more effective navigation. Some NDBs are present in airports and work only with the radius of 50nm. Well, we don’t have a choise – we will use GPS more than expected.


From Alaska to Siberia on a WWII-era airplane (watch a video there it!)

The Alaska Siberia Route (ALSIB)

The Lend-Lease Program and the Alaska-Siberia Route


Here are links for downloading libraries

Updated 23.04.2019

After downloading, just unpack libraries to …X-Plane-11\Custom Scenery

MisterX Library and static aircraft extension

The Handy Objects Library

CDB-Library Version


RuScenery page (in Rus) (you can use direct link for download here)

R2 library

Added May 1st, 2019

FF Library (pls find and download it here)

RD Library (pls find and download it here)


After downloading, just unpack libraries to …X-Plane-11\Custom Scenery

Updated May 1st, 2019

Ugolniy near Anadyr city (UHMA)
Ugolniy (UHMA) maps (SIDs, STARs)

Seymchan (UHMS) – small but important airfield for us

Yakutsk (UEEE) (there are 3 files).
Yakutsk (UEEE) maps (SIDs and STARs)

Krasnoyarsk – Airport Emelyanovo Емельяново (UNKL) scenery. Note: some objects there are floating in the air – there is no better scenery
Krasnoyarsk (UNKL) maps (SIDs and STARs)

Updated 26.04.2019

There is tundra from Ugolniy to Seymchan and scenery is not very good because players use this part very rare. I created photoscenery with low resolution for the part of our flight. You can download it HERE.


UPDATED 21.04.2019

1, Who wants to take part in this project? (please let me have names)

Andy, Kybinec, Red Pilot and I are taking part in the project.

2. Which model of DC-3 (or other plane) shall we choose?

We tested free model and looks like it is great.

3. Do we need a crew/shared cockpit plugin? Who will buy Smart CoPilot (it is cheaper to buy several licenses)?

Preliminary, Andy, Red Pilot, Kybinec and I agreed to buy Smart CoPilot. Please see new information in the comments. Another interesting question: we can buy 1, 3, 5 licenses… but now there are 4 persons..

4. Will we use the Vatsim network? There are advantages and disadvantages.

Updated 23.04.2019

I asked these questions in Vatsim forum:

1. Is it possible to resume previous (saved) flight in the air?
2. As I understood we cannot use a pause when we are in the VATSIM network – is it correct?
3. We will disconnect from VATSIM then press pause – is it OK?
4. At the next day a crew will:
a. start X-plane
b. then load the saved flight and pause it
c. then synchronize it
d. then resume (activate or unpause) the flight
e. after it all connect to VATSIM – is it OK?
5. How to make a crewed flight in VATSIM (shared cockpit)? I mean how to fill the flight plan etc. Or co-pilot should forget about VATSIM?


1. yes, you can resume your flight. Please try to pause-disconnect/unpause-reconnect outside the approach or departure area of a busy airport
2. as long as you are actively connected to VATSIM, you must not use pause. I am sure nobody will complain if you pause for 2 or 3 seconds to check something, but anything above it is a no-no
3. yes, that would be the perfect solution. Or you pause and disconnect from VATSIM within a few seconds, see answer 2.
4. yes, this sounds like a good plan. As explained in answer 1., please do this outside busy parts of the airspace
5. you can fly on VATSIM with a shared cockpit. For X-Plane there is now a new client available, called “swift”: … edcockpit/ The co-pilot will connect swift as OBS (observer) and won’t be visible to VATSIM ATC, but still to the flight-partner. You may want to test this before flying in an event.

If you need support for swift, please join our dedicated Discord server
Andreas Fuchs, Vatsim supervisor

Andreas Fuchs, Vatsim supervisor

5. Will we invite others to take part in the project (Vatsim and X-Plane forums)?

I will update this article.

Updated 01.05.2019

18 thoughts on “ALSIB”

  1. Its a beautiful, promising and very supportive idea. But I won’t have time to study X-plane until may 9. Maybe by July 22? Now I’m mastering the MiG-15..

  2. If it’s beautiful – join US! It is not complicated and we will help you. We will study a lot of things together – more fun and more easy. DC-3 is not complicated and wonderful. You can fly as a second pilot/navigator.
    Who knows what happened before June 22.. maybe we will not have a time.
    And there is a question – who will buy a program for shared cockpit? More people buy – less expensive the program. Kybinec and I will buy it – who else?
    It is very interesting – don’t loose your chance. Join the project.

  3. В любом случае, я буду участвовать в приобретении “лицензии” Со-пилота. Дело явно перспективное. В этом году АлСиб на Дугласах надо сдюжить, а в следующем на Б-29 замахнемся или Б-17? У него тоже маршруты вроде были через территорию советских войск.. Над Берлином можно будет пролететь ).. Товарищи, присоединяйтесь, а то в Б-29 экипаж очень большой я думаю )).

  4. Wow I just saw this, I am definitely interested, well done Alex! We could actually make this happen…. I am going back and actually read the whole thread, it looks very interesting. you have obviously put a lot of thought into it already,

  5. UPDATE:
    – Preliminary 3 person will purchase Smart CoPilot program: Kybinec, Red Pilot and I.
    – I found an appropriate program for flight planning: Little Project

  6. Today Andy and I make several crewed flights on DC-3 from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport…
    AND WE FOUND THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE A PAUSE THEN SAVE A FLIGHT AND THEN RESUME THE FLIGHT FROM THE LAST POSITION (AND SITUATION)! It means we can divide a long 5h flight for two and more parts. As you know it very difficult to seat and play 5h in front of your family 😉
    So, we can fly ~1h or 2,5h then save the flight and resume it another day. This will solve a lot of problems.
    Moreover, in the flight WE CAN USE PAUSE AND RECONNECT TO CHANGE MASTER/SLAVE i.e. who will control the plane. For this reason there is another question – DO WE REALLY NEED TO BUY SMART COPILOT?

    Now we have new questions regarding pauses and resume flights in the VATSIM network. I asked questions about it on the VATSIM forum (click here).

    Thank you very much Andy for DC-3’s manual – we can see there about RPM etc.

  7. Поднастроил немного экс-плайн, самое важное функционирует. Не нашел пока, как настроить оба рычага (газа наприм.) на одну ось или кнопку, но в принципе не первой необходимости момент. /// Set up a little ex-pline, the most important systems are functioning. Not yet found how to configure both levers (throttle eg.) on one axis or button, but in General it is less important

    1. Hi Red Pilot, actually there is a Russian version of this page – you need just click on the “Русский” above this page in the menu (at the right). So please write here in Eng and in Rus in Russian version.

  8. Hi All, I downloaded all of the scenery, up to the tundra. and have figured out how to make a flight plan on the GPS. l am looking forward to flying this!

    1. Hi Andy, it’s great to hear that you’re ready for the flight.
      We can start as soon as possible and we can start with free models.
      We have 6 huge parts of the ALSIB route – each from 3 to 5h of flight. I am not sure that everyone can cover each part. 🙂 Do you want to cover all 6 parts or you interested in some of them?
      1. Anchoridge to Nom
      2. Nom to Ugolniy
      3. Ugolniy to Seymchan
      4. Seymchan to Yakutsk
      5. Yakutsk to Kirensk
      6. Kirensk to Krasnoyarsk

  9. Hi, we received a new configuration file for Smart CoPilot for C-47. I placed the file to our TS in ALSIB folder.
    We should test it. Please download it and put it to C-47 folder.

    + I also uploaded a separated checklist for C-47.
    Andy, please read the CheckList ASAP – make sure that you understand where all things. Then we can start to fly.
    Our procedure should be kind of this:


    1. Ты лучше в русскоязычной версии опубликуй, там по русски говорят. А видео класное, мне понравилось!

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