harvard flight experience

Harvard flight experience | Hamilton Int airport

Watch a video of my Harvard flight experience in Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, CYHM)



  • Engine start
  • Taxiing
  • Engine Run-Up
  • A simple stick 🙂
  • Take Off
  • Passage over the museum
  • Leaving airport’s terminal zone
  • Steep turns
  • Open the canopy
  • Your turn the control
  • I have the control or real Harvard flight experience!
  • Decreasing altitude for the airport’s terminal zone
  • Over the museum again
  • Approaching
  • Landing
  • Sharing experience after the flight

Why I choose North American Harvard Mk. IV for flight?

I have been interested in aviation since childhood and now I training for PPL. Well… why Harvard? I lived a long time in Republic of Sakha (Yakutua) where I helped to create publications about Alaska-Siberian Lend-Lease route. This route was used for ferrying T-6 Texan, the analog of Harvard Mk. IV. Texan was used in USSR as a military trainer.

harvard flight experience
Do you remember the stick from the video? Compare it to the front’s seat stick 🙂

North American Harvard Mk. IV in Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
After the flight North American Harvard Mk. IV took its place in the museum’s hangar.

Thanks a lot to Mr Andy Dobson, a pilot of Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, and ground crew for their patience!

The fact is that it take a time to prepare for video recording + audio recording of the intercom and radio… you know connect an adapter, plugs etc…

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum – Official site

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