Interception of Turkish C-130

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Today we again faced with brutal provocation from NATO. An aircraft of NATO forces crossed the border of USSR over the Black Sea coast. The illegal infiltrator didn’t contact via radio and ignored our fighter interceptor. The enemy plane was shot down and its crew was captured. At the present time, there is an investigation about the goal of this provocation. No tolerance to provocations. It will be with each violator who will intrude the State border!

Newpaper PRAVDA

An aircraft of Turkey air forces C-130 was shot down by a Soviet fighter over the international waters of the Black Sea. It was found that the C-130’s crew reported that they have technical problems. It was the last message of the aircraft before it disappeared from radar. Unfortunately, we have not any information about the crew. The transport aircraft posed no any threat but anyway communists decided to destroy it!


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    To improve communication (Russian-speaking still prefer Russian for communication) I propose to introduce a virtual board Double Zero-One (001, два нуля первый) – a request for translation. Anyone can act as a translator as the board Double Zero-One. Example.
    – 18th for 001, landing.
    – (any bilingual) One-eight report landing.
    – (overlord) Copy, one-eight. Forbid landing, await futther instructions.
    – (if the 18th did not understand the text of the overlord) Repeat 001.
    – (the same who translated for the first time) Overlord forbids landing. Expect further instructions.
    – 18th copy, carry out. (- i’m not sure that i translated it well)
    This is just a variant. You can come up with something better.

    1. I transferred Russian part of the comment (and your comment above in Rus) to the Russian version of the article i.e. HERE (or just press Russian on the top bar menu).

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