DC-6 crash on approach

No injuries after online DC-6 crash on approach to Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport

DC-6 crash on approach – this is how our first shared flight ended on DC-6 PMDG 🙂 …

DC-6 PMDG is very complicated and demanding aircraft in Microsoft flight Simulator 2020 and today we made the first attempt to fly shared cockpit flight on it. Unfortunately we crashed. Please watch two videos below.


Other video of DC-6 crash on approach

Other problems


We found also that GPS mod (GNS 530) does not synchronize well. After I entered a flight plan, other user didn’t see it. Additionally, I tried to switch gyropilot source for GPS and gyropilot turned off itself (watch the video). May be we need to disable it for shared cockpit flight.


We had problems with throttle. For example if one user set RPM to 2200, but physically other user’s throttle is set for lower RPM (let say – 1700). In this condition throttle can moves erratically especially if there is a noise from one of users device. We already had this problem in X-Plane, we solve it only when one of users disable his throttle device.

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