Around The World on C-47 Skytrain

Around The World on C-47 Skytrain is our next big project after ALSIB! This page will be update.

Participants of the project:

  • Meow (He is the initiator of the project.)
  • Alex

Each participant should have:

  1. Plane: VSKYLAB С-47 Skytrain (site). Please note that WE DO NOT ACCEPT AWXDC3, the free C-47 model for X-Plane 11.
  2. SmartCopilot (click here), the cockpit shared plugin

Additional tools and programs

Weather: [XPGFS] NOAA Weather, free plugin (site) – in the process of discussion.
UPD 28/10/2020: we found that the best method to see the same weather conditions is creating weather file in ASXP then disactivate ASXP and then both participants upload this file in X-Plane.

LittleNavmap is a free open source flight planner, navigation tool, moving map, airport search and airport information system (site)

Basic rules of the project “Around The World on C-47 Skytrain”:

  1. At least one shared cockpit flight on C-47 should be present in each event.
  2. All excorts are welcomed (i.e. if someone wants to excort our flight on his/her plane – we can fly in formation). Visualisation and radio communcation is possible via VATSIM.
  3. It is possible that a new person can study VATSIM rules during flights under supervision of more experienced pilot.
  4. VFR and IFR flights
  5. Weather always real (source NOAA or VATSIM). For example if weather is bad, we should wait…
  6. Crews:
    • Alex / Meow (Russian)
    • Alex – Magic (English)
  7. We will use only one skin for all the project.
    • Names of participants will be on the nose of the C-47. The list of names will change if a person will join us or someone will leave.
  8. We will publish video and puctures on our site (and, etc) during the process of this big jouney.
  9. Long flights will be devided to two and more parts via this simple procedure:
    • Pause during the flight;
    • Save current situation in X-Plane;
    • Load the situation when we will have a time for continue.
  10. Virtually our group has ONLY one aircraft. It means that next flight (regardless of crew) must contunue from the airport where we stopped last time.
  11. Flight path can be passed via interesting places
    • Home town
    • Native town
    • A famous place
    • An interesting place
    • etc
  12. Do we need to present always in VATSIM or in IVAO? A topic fo discuss.

This is a draft of basic rules. Please write your suggestions, corrections, ideas or thoughts as comments below.

Flight path

Draft of the general path up to Canada

around the world on C-47
This is a draft of the first 1/3 of the “general path”. Huge spaces: 1 – 3h 42min; 2 – 3h 47min; 3 – 2h 24m; 4 – escaping Donbass (if we will use Vatsim).
NoDepartureDestinationDistance~ TimeCrewNotes
1URMNURWI174 nm0:57mAlex / MeowDone!
2URWIURWW146 nm1 hAlex / MeowDone!
via VORs no GPS
Video in Rus here.
3URWWUUOO267 nmThe flight was divided into two parts.Meow / AlexDone!
GPS only for SID and approach.
4UUOOUUBP225 nm1 h 32 minMeow/ AlexDone!
GPS only for SID, STAR
5UUBPUMMS223 nm1 h 20 minMeow/ AlexDone! We used VORs and NDBs only fo navigation.
It was our first stream (Video in Rus here).

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