Straight and Level Flight on Cessna 172

Straight and Level Flight on Cessna 172

Straight and Level Flight on Cessna 172 or exercise 6 – video of PPL training.

Straight and Level Flight is the basic and is included in other mandatory exercises for Private Pilot Licence’s training program in Canada.

Unfortunately after take-off during initial climbing I occasionally turned intercom recording off. 🙁


Some interesting moments in the video: “Straight and Level Flight on Cessna 172”

  • 0:00:00 Initial contact with CYHU ground control
  • 0:04:40 What taxi speed you should keep on Cessna 172
  • 0:12:51 In line for take-off
  • 0:16:58 Hold short, RWY 24L
  • 0:18:15 “Line up and wait”
  • 0:19:10 Clearance for take-off and take-off
  • 0:22:31 I occasionally turn off the intercom recording 🙁
  • 0:30:20 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu controller demand for changing heading due to an aircraft on approaching
  • 0:32:06 How to correct release flaps on Cessna 172 and pilots’ mistakes regarding this.
  • 0:34:49 Level flight – Cessna 172 trimming
  • 0:37:04 How to keep straight heading with two visual points
  • 0:39:15 USA is after this lake
  • 0:40:04 Going home

In the picture below is the GPS track recorded during the flight

Straight and Level Flight on Cessna 172
This trek is recorded during the flight.

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Do you want to check is your simulator flight model match the real aircraft?

Try to reproduce in the simulator rapid flaps retraction, as an pilot mistake after go-around decision, and watch the result:
Airplane – Cessna 172, flaps full. All parameters you can see in the video above. Don’t forget to load Cessna with you and instructor :). Fuel tanks are full.

Exact weather parameters for real professionals:
CYHU 120500Z AUTO 20003KT 9SM CLR 15/13 A3005 RMK SLP178

Decoded textual weather for CYHU:
Wind: 200 at 3 knots
Visibility: 9.0 SM (9999+ m)
Clouds: None Reported
Temperature: 15.0C
Dewpoint: 13.0C
Precipitation: None reported
Altimeter: 1018 mb (30.05 inches)
Wind at 3000ft dir 1750 speed 7 temp 15.67C

Check – does flight model in your simulator is similar that you watch on the video? Write in comments about it. Don’t forget to note what simulator do you have and what model in the sim was used.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate – ask in comments.

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