An-24 x-plane
MSFS 2020 по Кольскому полуострову
VSL C-47 - 2020-10-13 1280x350
Russsian An-24 in Corsica
Screenshot (790)_DC-6-8
Shared Cockpit Flights on DC-6

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Shooting range training

Andreevskiy Polygon is placed near Krasnodar Central airfield (military). Krasnodar Central Airfield (Military) RBSN: Channel 3 Landing and Departure – RW 09 (87 degree), ILS 838,00MHz (Chan 38), …
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A crashed Mi-6 was founded

During laying a winter road to a mine field, they found crashed Mi-6 As I know, after a crashing, engines are taken out for special expertise. …
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Canadian Aviation Museum

Hi all, On Feb 17 I visited Canadian Aviation Museum. I took a lot of pics. And I flew with my 8yo son on airplane (it …
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Interception of Turkish C-130

And now watch a video… Today we again faced with brutal provocation from NATO. An aircraft of NATO forces crossed the border of USSR over the …
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