An-24 x-plane
MSFS 2020 по Кольскому полуострову
VSL C-47 - 2020-10-13 1280x350
Russsian An-24 in Corsica
Screenshot (790)_DC-6-8
Shared Cockpit Flights on DC-6

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Mumble vs discord

Mumble vs discord vs teamspeak

Topic Mumble vs Discord vs Teamspeak is still actual despite it was thought Discord will replace all old apps. Teamspeak was released in 2001 then …
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Radars are off – who has benefits?

Spitfires, Mustangs, Messerschmitts and Focke-Wulfs had before radars aka “Fat dot system” on Burning Skies Server. Recently these markers were removed from the server and …
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Happy Birthday Andy!

I know that you don’t have a TrakIR or VR and you use joystick to change view. For this reason I built the TrackIR for …
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