how to make turns on the Cessna 172

PPL Flight Training: how to make turns on the Cessna 172

This video shows how to make turns on the Cessna 172…

I give you another video of my PPL training. Today we can watch how to make turns on the Cessna 172. This training is mandatory for Private Pilot License course according Transport Canada. The flight was performed from CYHU St-Hubert airport (CYHU). I added a GPS track in the video (time to time) and you can see where the flight was exactly.

During the flight, the weather was deteriorated. It was force us to came back to the airport as fast as we could! “Go as fast as we can!”, said my instructor.

Video: how to make turns on the Cessna 172


You can choose most interesting chapter for you in the video:

  1. Engine start
  2. ATIS
  3. Ground contact
  4. Taxiing
  5. Engine Run-Up
  6. Before take off check list
  7. Warning about birds
  8. Lining up RWY
  9. Take off clearance is received
  10. Take off
  11. CYHU tower contact
  12. Local people complain about aircraft’s noise
  13. CYHU tower contact us
  14. Change frequency to St-Mathias airport
  15. Climbing to 1800ft
  16. Frequency 126.7
  17. We passed Saint-Jean-Baptiste/ climbing
  18. 3000ft
  19. How to make turns on the Cessna 172 (main training is started)
  20. CALT before 450 turns
  21. My turns
  22. Avoiding turns
  23. Minimum radius turns
  24. Going back due to weather
  25. Lets go with full power!
  26. Go as fast as we can!
  27. Frequency 121.3
  28. Approaching Chambly bassin (a call point)
  29. Contact to CYHU tower
  30. Cabin check before descending
  31. How to reduce speed on Cessna 172
  32. Tower contact on approach
  33. Final RWY 06R
  34. After landing check list
  35. CPAQ
  36. Engine shut down

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