Operation Tic-tac-toe

XR Special Operations Department kindly invites everyone to the third international Special Operations Event CAT-A operation Tic-tac-toe on 24th August12:00–15:00UTC.


Due to my business expansion i.e. development of my private clinic (expansion of working area, increasing of services etc) and business trip in Germany, I have to take a vacation 🙁As you understand those things demands now extreme focus…

first flight in IVAO (X-plane 11)

X-Plane: my first flight in IVAO

We already flew in VATSIM and today I decided to test IVAO – how it looks like… For the flight I just choose a busy airport in webeye – Strasbourg and I decided to fly pattern on SKYLABS DC-3. My first flight in IVAO was great! Watch the video!