How to fly a passenger on X-plane 11

Recently we discussed using civil aviation in our community. At the first, I am considering X-Plane because we can install photo scenery of any place for VFR flights. Another attractive thing is flying by a crew in X-Plane 11. Frankly speaking, I didn’t believe that it can be realized and started to search how to do it…


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Radars are off – who has benefits?
He is killed and falling down...

Radars are off – who has benefits?

Spitfires, Mustangs, Messerschmitts and Focke-Wulfs had before radars aka “Fat dot system” on Burning Skies Server. Recently these markers were removed from the server and big dispute started on DCS forum (Russian language part). (more…)

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Happy Birthday Andy!

I know that you don’t have a TrakIR or VR and you use joystick to change view. For this reason I built the TrackIR for you and decided to bring the present from our group by myself – please watch a video below 🙂


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Operation “Mongoose”

Two UH-1s were downed by our Air Forces in the operation “Mongoose” on April 25.

We just been informed of details of the “Mongoose” operation which took place on April 25. Unnamed sources provided details of preparation for landing an assault force against our troops. (more…)

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Air police

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Air police in DCS is not fiction – it is reality! Recently I was flying on a pilotage server Aerobatics Caucasus. While I was taxiing on Mig-21, I received a message, “Alex, you are exceeding safe taxi speeds! Current ground speed: 38 knots (71 km/h). Stay below 50 knots (~90 km/h) or you will be removed from your plane.”
“Are you kidding me?!”, I thought, and ignored the message. (more…)

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Mig-21bis: Low altitude flight and dogfight in formation

A low altitude flight and dogfight with Mig-21 in close formation is a really tense thing. We have made several flights on the ACG Cold War Server. In the video you can watch a couple examples of teamwork between the leader and wingman: identification of an air target with following attacking and covering each other. It is very difficult to fight in tight formation because of the low altitude and high speed.


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