Here you can see flight reports and postflight debriefings.

Strange interception

Our intelligent service found out that enemies planned to bring to Gudauta airfield reinforcement from Tbilisi city. They planned to use several transport planes for this goal. @zedd and I received a task to intercept enemy transports before their landing at Gudauta. The problem was that for some reasons we didn’t have CGI support and we had to find targets visually and with Mig-21’s radar! Probably it was connected with confidentiality but they didn’t explain why.

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Cold War Server – blind flying

At the last time we flew only aerobatics and training flights. Well, this time Andy and I decided to fly on Cold War server and fight against other players. When we connected there were only a couple of enemies (F-5 and Viggen) but in about 10 minutes a lot of blues players appear on the server.

Main task for reds was combat air patrol. We took Mig-21s with fuel tank and air to air missiles… (more…)

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DCS World: our flight for basic skills training on ka-50

Lately I have been doing some flying with Dima in Ka-50, and would like to thank him for helping me with my helicopter skills. He is a very skilled pilot. Even with all the control problems, DCS is having at the moment, and my new TrackIR that I am still learning to use, I still had a blast! (more…)

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